Engineering plays an important role in the Muller organisation in maintaining a high level of reliability and safety.

The activities can be divided into five types, namely:

  • Transport over rivers and canals

  • Transport over sea

  • (De-) commissioning of river and landbased bridges

  • Marine and shore crane loadtesting

  • Seafastening and grillage calculations & design


Depending on the activity, a number of phases are accurately investigated and implemented, e.g.:

  • Forces resulting from wind, swell and waves

  • Loading and unloading sequence

  • Stowage plans

  • Trim and stability

  • Strength calculations

  • Load securing (river & seafastening)


For all calculations, we make use of advanced computer programs and the most common marine Rules&Guidelines are followed (ie. IMO, GL-Noble Denton, DNV rules)

Experience has shown that involving Muller in the design phase can play a key role in substantially reducing transport / seafastening fabrication and installation costs.

In addition to the engineering preparations for each transport, loading and unloading is performed under the supervision of an experienced supervisor and/or project engineer to ensure faultless and experienced implementation.

With the experience that Muller has acquired over the past 100 years, we always find the right solution for your transport demands. 
Cost control, creativity and innovation are the key words in the Muller transport engineering.