RoRo Ramping & Winches

Muller maintains an extensive high-end RoRo and Wedges stock, in order to accomodate the most difficult load-outs and RoRo-discharges of all kinds of structures and cranes. Together with electrical anchor- and mooringwinches you can be sure each loading and discharge will be steady as a rock.
A short list of what we can offer you:

  • RoRo-ramps; lenghts available: 5M, 10M, 12M and longer upon request
  • RoRo-wedges; Both steel and wood wedges available
  • RoRo-coupling beams; to be sure the ramps and wedges are coupled tight
  • Mooring winches; from 10 upto 60 tonnes together with various lenghts of steel wires
  • Mooring anchors; all weights and types possible
  • Anchor chains all thickness and lenghts possible

Ballast & Electrical

Water is a constant changing factor, especially in tidal seaports and rivers. Muller can ballast all his barges to the exact height and trim that's needed. No quay is too high and no bridge is too low. In order to ballast the barges Muller maintains a ballastpump fleet that is state-of-the-art in this region. Together with all kinds of hoses and connections, we move the water where it needs to go.

To run our ballastpumps, but also all other equipment such as lights, accommodation units and our mooring winches, we maintain our own power aggregrates. Our equipment list in short:

  • Ballastpumps from 30m3 upto 500m3 per pump
  • Hoses in various thickness and lenghts
  • Aggregrates from 30 kVa up to 320 kVa
  • Various electrical accesiories such as transformers and cables

Loadspreading & Support

Muller is able to support the heaviest weights in diferent heights. With load-outs it is generally required to stow the cargo at a specific height above deck, in order for the SPMT equipment to drive on and off the barge. Muller has various lenghts, widths and heights in steel supports to spread the load equally into the barge strong points.

A quick overview of our loadspreading equipment:

  • Steel heavyduty transport beams 20,00 x 1,50 x 1,10m
  • Steel loadspreading beams 11,40 x 1,00 x 0,30m
  • Steel loadspreading beams 6,00 x 1,00 x 0,30m
  • Steel loadspreading beams 5,00 x 1,50 x 0,30m
  • Steel loadspreading beams 2,00 x 1,00 x 0,30m
  • Steel stackable elephant feet 0,80 x 0,80 x 1,00m
  • Steel stackable elephant feet 0,70 x 0,70 x 0,50m
  • Steel stackable elephant feet 0,70 x 0,70 x 0,60m